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Raise hell with me.

Seriously, be a rabble-rouser.

Nichole Grace
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My journal is partially friends only. But it's not partially awesome.
Where "awesome" is concerned, I go hard or I go home.

Now that I got all of the important things out of the way.... I will say this: My name is Nichole.
I just moved from a small, liberal town, to a large, liberal city. I like to recycle.
I have Cystic Fibrosis and consequently a slew of related health problems.
But you'd never know it from looking at me.
I've been steadily getting more into photography.
I like to take the photos and I like to be photographed.
I also have an obsession with hair and makeup

When life hands you lemons of being in the hospital on halloween,
make lemonade in the form of dressing up like a zombie
and walking the empty halls in the middle of the night.

I like photoshop and this man:

He hacked my uterus. I'm pregnant. And a little tired, but a lotta excited.
I'm doing my breathing treatments now.

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